Our Company History:

J3 Is a rural American Family-Owned Agribusiness Located in Eastern Oregon. After 5 Wildland Fire Seasons with the US Forest Service, our Founder Ryan Started J3 by dispatching a Type 6 Engine out of his Farm. Over the Past 17 years, our Company has Grown Tremendously. Today, J3 Dispatches 36 Engines to Fires Across the Country.
When we Started Out, we Purchased and Operated Used Fire Engines. Our First Decade in Business, we Gained Thousands of Days of Experience on a Variety of Engine Type and Apparatus Configurations. We Operated Mitsubishi Fuso Type 6 Engines in the Desert Southwest, and Freightliner Type 3 Engines in the Pacific Northwest. Over the Years we Tweaked these Existing Platforms to Perform Better in the Wildland Fire Environment. We Learned Firsthand the Designs that Work.
Today, J3 Operates 36 Engines of All Types on Wildland Fires Across the Country

Our Mission

Provide for our community and our country.

J3 is a rural American family-owned Agribusiness located in Eastern Oregon.

Our Mission:

Provide for our community and our country. After 5 years with the US Forest Service our founder Ryan started J3 dispatching one Type 6 Engine out of his farm.

From our humble beginnings 17 years ago, we have grown tremendously and now operate 36 Engines and have expanded into Arizona. We have built, broken, and improved 26 fire trucks with the goal of designing type 3 engines on a Class 5 Chassis.

Empower your department with revolutionary capabilities and feel confident behind the wheel of a field-tested workhorse.

J3 Fire Apparatus is Driven by 3 Core Values


Minimize Points of


Keep It Simple


Engineered to Thrive in
Harsh Environments